How Re Vamp Your Closet?

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Re vamping your closet is essentially the process of upgrading your style and adding or getting rid of items of clothing that does not reflect your style. If you are someone who is hoping to turn a new page in life and completely change up your look, the tips that are listed below will definitely come in handy.

Make a list

First and foremost, you should make a list of all of the items you wish to incorporate into your future fashion style. Once you have got your list of clothing items ready to go, one by one start to sort out your wardrobe by collecting the items you will be disposing in one pile and the ones you will be wearing in the future in another. The clothing items that you wouldn’t be needing should not be thrown out, they should either be donated or up cycled in order to reduce the effect your waste would have on the environment. The idea of up cycling or repurposing your clothes will also save you a couple of extra bucks and you can even incorporate other materials into your old clothing items as you can easily buy dressmaking fabric online and even buy European fabric online.

Visit some thrift stores

Instead of spending your entire months pay on buying clothes from very expensive clothing stores, you should resort to the option of buying used clothing that are in good condition and clothing items as such can be easily found at thrift stores. Buying clothing from thrift stores will not only save you money, it will also reduce the negative impact that waste has on the environment that we live in since you will contributing to reduction of wastage by purchasing clothing items from thrift stores.

Some thrift stores also often hold many designer wear items that is sold for a fraction of the price so if you want to score a beautiful designer vintage jacket or a designer pair of boots, you should definitely visit your local thrift store and rummage through the selection they have available.

Rock your style

Regardless of whether you’re moving on to a new chapter in life in a new city or you’re simply returning back to school after spring break, you should definitely rock your new style. In order for you to rock your style, you will need one special ingredient called confidence and even though confidence cannot always be channeled in a matter of seconds, you should try to always seem confident in your clothing choices and soon enough, you will exhibit oozing confidence.