Are You Getting Value For The Money You Spend?

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At every turn you make in life, you need to spend your hard earned money. Most often we don’t realize how much we have spent until a day or two. And then we begin to wonder if the money spent was worth it! So, are we getting the value for our hard earned money? Read below, to find some tips from psychological experts on spending money!

Show off/ posh

We often tend to spend thousands, just to prove to others that we are capable and of course we are posh. So is this kind of spending necessary? Let’s take for example a posh restaurant that we visit. Do you actually like the food there? Are you getting a portion that is worth the money you spent? Do you even enjoy going there? If you answered no to these questions then why are you even going there? You don’t have to show off or show your bug headedness by spending money in a place that doesn’t even satisfy you. Instead look for a place that actually serves the kind of food that you like!

Social media

Social media is one of the major causes of people trying to outsmart the other. People want to check in on social media by going to a high class place. Just to show others. Psychologists call this the inferiority complex, where a person feels that he or she is not enough. And in order to feel included, will do anything. There are people who are borrowing money, and living the life they cannot afford. Just to put it on social media. Because another of their friend just checked in to that place. It has become a very scary cycle that business owners make the most of! Even RM Williams boot shoes has brands that can cost you up to a hundred thousand dollars!

Our gratification

It is actually sad that people in the modern days have values that actually wouldn’t have been considered as one in the recent past. Even if they help out someone at a time in need, they have plastered it all over social media and wait for the number of likes and comments. That is how they get their satisfaction. And the actual intention to help was not a real one. Even if it was, the entire idea is lost by our need to plaster it all over social media. So if you are someone who is spending money for a social cause, let it gratify you by the smiles of the recipient and not by the shares or likes on social media! That will give you the real value for the money you spent! It doesn’t matter if you bought them branded RM Williams shirts or ordinary ones. All that matters is your intention. And a good intention is bound to bring you peace. Visit


When you spend your hard earned money, keep in mind that you need not satisfy anyone else or prove anything to anyone. All that matters is to have a happy and fulfilled life with your loved ones. And this life need not be displayed on social media!